KEX Express Tracking | Track & Trace your KEX parcel order status in Malaysia only 3 click

KEX Express Tracking | Track & Trace your KEX parcel order status in Malaysia only 3 click

KEX Express Tracking - Track your KEX Express delivery status hassle-free and fast. Thanks to our efficient monitoring features, you can follow and monitor the Parcel process of your goods at all times, guaranteeing safe and timely delivery.

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Reviews of KEX Express

In today’s fast-paced world, where online shopping has become a way of life, reliable and efficient courier services are more important than ever. When it comes to sending or receiving parcels, tracking your order is essential to ensure that it arrives safely and on time. KEX Express, a leading courier service in Malaysia, offers a user-friendly tracking system that allows you to track your parcel’s status with just a few clicks.

The Importance of KEX Express Tracking Quickly and Correctly

Tracking your parcel is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to keep an eye on the progress of your delivery and know when to expect its arrival. This is especially important for time-sensitive packages or those with valuable contents. Secondly, tracking your parcel ensures its safety.

With real-time updates on its location, you can rest assured that your package is on the right track and will reach its destination without any issues. Lastly, tracking your parcel gives you peace of mind. You no longer have to wonder if your package has been lost or delayed, as you can easily check its status at any time.

Introduction to KEX Express Malaysia

KEX Express is a homegrown Malaysian courier service provider that has been delivering parcels and packages for over 38 years . They have a wide network of branches and delivery partners across Malaysia, enabling it to reach even the most remote corners of the country. KEX Express is known for its commitment to providing fast, reliable, and affordable courier services to its customers.

KEX Express is a Malaysian brand with over 38 years of experience as a courier service provider.

Formerly we are trading as ABX Express. Since 2016 we become a member of the Kerry Logistics Network (KLN).

Since then, we focus more into e-Commerce and retail express services, we also tremendously increase our investment in information technology. In 2021 KEX Express becomes the global agent of SF International and it marks the start of our international express services.

Introduction to KEX Express Malaysia -
Introduction to KEX Express Malaysia –

Their Milestone:

  • 1984: First Parcel Delivery in EM Labuan.
  • 1985: Expanding our Coverage to the whole East Malaysia.
  • 1991: Services fully covering nationwide Malaysia.
  • 2016: The start of E-Commerce delivery services, the Launched of Customer E-Portal called “Smartship Web”.
  • 2019: The First Opening of Parcel Shop in Kenanga Mall and expanding with over 100+ branches nationwide.
  • 2020: The launched of online shoping portal called “EasyShip”.
  • 2021: The launched of digital FOD and COD Services.
  • 2022: Rebranding & The Launch of KEX Express.

5 Pros and Advantages

KEX Express offers several advantages over its competitors, including:

  1. Wide coverage: KEX Express has an extensive network of branches and delivery partners, allowing it to deliver parcels to even the most remote areas in Malaysia.
  2. Fast delivery: KEX Express is known for its fast delivery times, with most parcels being delivered within 24-48 hours.
  3. Affordable rates: KEX Express offers competitive pricing for its services, making it a cost-effective option for both individuals and businesses.
  4. Multiple delivery options: KEX Express offers various delivery options to suit your needs, including same-day, next-day, and express delivery.
  5. Online tracking system: With KEX Express’ user-friendly tracking system, you can easily track your parcel’s status and receive real-time updates on its location.

4 Main Services

KEX Express offers a wide range of services to cater to different delivery needs. These include:

  1. Domestic courier services: KEX Express provides reliable and efficient domestic courier services across Malaysia, ensuring that your packages reach their destination on time.
  2. International courier services: KEX Express also offers international courier services to over 200 countries worldwide, making it a convenient option for sending parcels overseas.
  3. E-commerce logistics: With the rise of e-commerce, KEX Express has expanded its services to include e-commerce logistics, providing seamless integration with online marketplaces and platforms.
  4. Warehousing and fulfillment: KEX Express also offers warehousing and fulfillment services for businesses, allowing them to store and manage their inventory efficiently.

KEX Express Malaysia Price and Fee

KEX Express Malaysia offers a variety of shipping services to meet your needs. Here is a breakdown of the prices and fees for each service:

KEX Express Malaysia Domestic Shipping

Service Price
Express Saver RM12.00 + RM0.50/kg
Express RM15.00 + RM0.75/kg
Priority RM25.00 + RM1.00/kg

KEX Express Malaysia International Shipping

Zone Price
Zone 1 (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei) RM30.00 + RM1.50/kg
Zone 2 (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) RM40.00 + RM2.00/kg
Zone 3 (Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada) RM50.00 + RM2.50/kg
Zone 4 (Europe, Africa, South America) RM60.00 + RM3.00/kg

Additional Fees

Fee Description Price
Fuel Surcharge 10% of shipping cost
Remote Area Surcharge RM10.00
Signature Confirmation RM5.00
Declared Value Surcharge 2% of declared value
COD (Cash On Delivery) 2% of COD amount

Please note that these prices are subject to change without notice.

How to Pay

KEX Express Malaysia offers a variety of payment methods, including:

  • Cash on delivery (COD)
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Online banking
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) payment

Please note:

  1. These are just examples and the actual shipping rates may vary depending on the factors mentioned above.
  2. This price list may fluctuate depending on the market, discount events, etc., so it is for reference only. You can refer directly to the latest price list at []

KEX Express Malaysia Branch near you

KEX Express has a wide network of branches and delivery partners across Malaysia, making it easy to find a branch near you. You can use their branch locator on their website at [] to find the nearest branch to your location.

How To Contact KEX Express

If you have any inquiries or need assistance with your parcel, you can contact KEX Express through:

KEX Express Malaysia App

KEX Express has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices, making it even more convenient to track your parcels on the go. The app allows you to track your parcels, get real-time updates, and manage your deliveries all in one place.

KEX Express Malaysia APP download link:

  • for iOS:
    • (updating)
  • for Android:
    • (updating)

How long does KEX Express take to deliver?

The delivery time for KEX Express varies depending on the destination and type of delivery chosen. For domestic deliveries, most parcels are delivered within 24-48 hours. For international deliveries, the estimated delivery time will be provided upon booking.

KEX Express Malaysia Working Hours

KEX Express operates from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. However, some branches may have different operating hours, so it’s best to check with your nearest branch for their specific working hours.

Does KEX Express Deliver On Sunday / Weekend?

KEX Express does not operate on Sundays and public holidays. However, they do offer weekend delivery services upon request, but additional charges may apply.

Ensuring Security And Privacy

KEX Express takes the security and privacy of your parcels seriously. They have implemented strict protocols and procedures to ensure that your packages are handled with care and delivered safely. Additionally, all information collected during the tracking process is kept confidential and only used for the purpose of delivering your parcel.

How do I know if a parcel has been sent?

If you are expecting a parcel but have not received any notification or tracking number, you can contact KEX Express’ customer service hotline or email to inquire about the status of your parcel.

Comparing KEX Express with 15 other courier services in Malaysia

To give you a better understanding of how KEX Express fares against its competitors, we have compared it with 15 other courier services in Malaysia based on their coverage, delivery time, and pricing. The results are shown in the table below:

Courier Service Coverage Delivery Time Pricing
KEX Express Nationwide 24-48 hours Competitive
Pos Laju Nationwide 1-3 days Competitive
GDex Nationwide 1-3 days Competitive
J&T Express Nationwide 1-3 days Competitive
Skynet Nationwide 1-3 days Competitive
City-Link Nationwide 1-3 days Competitive
DHL Worldwide 1-5 days Expensive
FedEx Worldwide 1-5 days Expensive
UPS Worldwide 1-5 days Expensive
TNT Worldwide 1-5 days Expensive
Ninja Van Nationwide 1-3 days Competitive
ABX Nationwide 1-3 days Competitive
Nationwide Nationwide 1-3 days Competitive
MatDespatch Nationwide Same day Affordable
Pgeon Nationwide 1-3 days Affordable

From the comparison, it is clear that KEX Express offers competitive rates and fast delivery times, making it a top choice for many customers.

Guideline: How to track KEX Express parcel order status?

Tracking your KEX Express parcel is a simple and straightforward process. There are two methods you can use to track your parcel’s status:

Method 1: By KEX Express Tracking Website

  1. Go to the KEX Express website ( and click on the “Track & Trace” tab.
  2. Enter your tracking number in the designated field and click on “Track Now.”
  3. You will be directed to a page with your parcel’s current status and location.
Guideline: How to track KEX Express parcel order status? -
Guideline: How to track KEX Express parcel order status? –

Method 2: By Parcel Tracking System

  1. Go to ( and select “KEX Express” from the list of courier services or visit this url
  2. Enter your tracking number in the designated field and click on “Track Now.”
  3. You will be directed to a page with your parcel’s current status and location.
Track KEX Express parcel order status at
Track KEX Express parcel order status at

5 Reasons To Choose to track KEX Express Parcel? is a reliable and user-friendly parcel tracking system that allows you to track your parcels from various courier services, including KEX Express. Here are some reasons why you should choose for your parcel tracking needs:

  1. Easy to use: has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to track their parcels.
  2. Multiple courier services: supports tracking for over 50 courier services in Malaysia, including KEX Express.
  3. Real-time updates: With, you can receive real-time updates on your parcel’s status and location.
  4. Free service: is a free service, making it a cost-effective option for tracking your parcels.
  5. Mobile-friendly: is mobile-friendly, allowing you to track your parcels on the go.

3 Tips for Using KEX Express Tracking Number Efficiently

  1. Keep your tracking number safe: Make sure to keep your tracking number in a safe place to avoid losing it.
  2. Check for updates regularly: It’s essential to check for updates on your parcel’s status regularly to stay informed.
  3. Contact KEX Express if there are any issues: If you notice any delays or issues with your parcel, don’t hesitate to contact KEX Express’ customer service for assistance.

3 Common Issues During KEX Express Tracking And How To Solve Them

  1. No tracking information available: If there is no tracking information available for your parcel, it could mean that the package has not been picked up yet. Wait a few hours and try again.
  2. Incorrect tracking number: Make sure to double-check the tracking number entered to ensure it is correct.
  3. Delays in delivery: Delays can happen due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or customs clearance. If your parcel is delayed, contact KEX Express for more information.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Here are some reviews from satisfied customers who have used KEX Express’ services:

  • “I have been using KEX Express for my business deliveries, and I am impressed with their fast and reliable service. Their tracking system is also very convenient and easy to use.” – Sarah L., Business Owner
  • “I recently sent a parcel through KEX Express, and I was amazed by how quickly it arrived at its destination. The tracking system was also helpful in keeping me updated on its status.” – John T., Online Shopper

3 FAQs while using KEX Express Tracking

Q: Can I track multiple parcels at once?

A: Yes, you can track up to 10 parcels at once using KEX Express’ tracking system.

Q: Can I change the delivery address after the parcel has been shipped?

A: Yes, you can request a change of delivery address by contacting KEX Express’ customer service. Additional charges may apply.

Q: Can I track my parcel internationally?

A: Yes, KEX Express offers international tracking for parcels sent to over 200 countries worldwide.

About Us – is a well-known parcel tracking platform in Malaysia that has been providing accurate and comprehensive tracking information since 2023. Our main objective is to be the top choice for all Malaysians when it comes to tracking their parcels, regardless of where they are being delivered.

Our focus is on streamlining the tracking process for our users by utilizing efficiency and innovation, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

In this piece, we will explore further, including our fundamental values, history, coverage, technological advancements, and how we can help you easily track your parcels.

About Us -
About Us –


In conclusion, tracking your parcel with KEX Express is a simple and essential step to ensure its safe and timely delivery. With their extensive coverage, fast delivery times, and user-friendly tracking system, KEX Express is a top choice for individuals and businesses alike. By following the guidelines and tips provided in this article, you can easily track your KEX Express parcel and have peace of mind knowing that it will reach its destination without any issues. So the next time you need to send or receive a parcel in Malaysia, remember to choose KEX Express and track it with for a hassle-free experience.

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